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Michelle O on what bugs her about being FLOTUS

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Michelle Obama Stephen ColbertLife as the first lady is tough, according to Michelle Obama.

When she appeared on the CBS’ “The Late Show” Monday host Stephen Colbert the first lady took the opportunity to share what she didn’t like about her job and also to take a jab at former President Bill Clinton.

When Colbert asked Obama  what she wants to do after she and her husband leave the White House, she said she’d like to have “some movement on girl’s education” but then lamented that she’d “do things like open a window. I want to go to Target.”

“One day, as a treat, my lead [Secret Service] agent let me have the windows open on the way to Camp David,” she said. “It was like five minutes out, and he was like ‘the window’s open. Enjoy it!’

“I was like, ‘thanks, Allen.’”

Colbert and Obama also teamed to take a shot at former President Clinton and his past extra marital indiscretions.

“I understand that Mrs. Bush left you a letter,” Colbert said. “If we have a female president next would you leave a letter for her husband? What would you say, like, what would you suggest?”

“I would say ‘follow your passion. Just be you,’” she said.

“I think he does,” Colbert shot back.

“I think he would,” she said.

Colbert was a little late in recognizing there’s a woman running for president on the Republican side, too.

But Frank Fiorina’s passions probably wouldn’t be nearly as much of a problem.

Watch the interview below.

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