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‘Freudian slip?’ O’Reilly accidentally calls John Boehner something ironic

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boehner_sad_left Was it a slip of the tongue? Or did Bill O’Reilly just say what many conservatives already know?

In Monday’s “Talking Points” segment on Fox News, O’Reilly opined that the Republican Party is divided.  But 25 seconds into his spiel, O’Reilly referred to resigning House Speaker John Boehner as “Mr. O’Boehner.”

Could this be a Freudian slip?

O’Reilly never let on, but called out Boehner as “the old guard,” “not a reformer” who “pretty much stayed inside the House.”

Conservative frustration with Boehner goes back a long way, with a hashtag #betterspeakerthanboehner racing through Twitter last January.

Boehner’s famous surrender strategies dealing with President Obama are also well documented in Internet lore.

As are his proclivities in socializing with Democrats like Nancy Pelosi.

Boehner did more than just kiss Pelosi—he collaborated with her to allow Obama’s illegal amnesty program to continue, against the wishes of his own party.

It’s no wonder that Boehner’s days were numbered, and even still, he continues to work with Democrats to move Obama’s agenda forward before he exits at the end of October.

Truly, O’Reilly might have done more than stumble on Boehner’s name: “O’Boehner” may very well be the most appropriate moniker to fully appreciate the outgoing Speaker’s “contribution” to Republican values.

Watch the video segment below, and pay close attention at the 25 second mark.

Steve Berman


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