British prime minister confronts Obama: ISLAM is the problem, ‘Barack’

cameronobama0929When British Prime Minister David Cameron took the podium on Tuesday after President Obama, he had some frank talk for a United Nations summit on defeating the Islamic State.

And it was talk the president badly needed to hear – since he had had just finished warning against profiling Muslims because “violent extremism is not unique to any one faith.”

“Barack, you said it and you’re right — every religion has its extremists,” Cameron said, according to the Washington Times.

“But we have to be frank that the biggest problem we have today is the Islamist extremist violence that has given birth to ISIL, to al Shabaab, to al Nusra, al Qaeda, and so many other groups.”

No matter how much discomfort such plain talk might cause at the U.N., where the truth is generally a stranger to policy discussions, Cameron’s statement was a breath of fresh air.

And his follow-up remarks about home-grown terrorism was just as welcome. Western governments, who used to cherish liberty on their own soil, are too passive in protecting liberty at home. They must “root out the extremist preachers that are poisoning the minds of young Muslims in our countries,” Cameron said.

“We need to make sure we don’t allow the incubation of an extremist world view even before it gets to justifying violence,” Cameron said. “We’ve got to get it out of our schools, get it out of our prisons, get it out of our universities. I believe in freedom of speech, but freedom to hate is not the same thing ….

“The boy who straps a bomb to his chest and blows up an Iraqi town, the guy that stands in the desert with a knife, having just beheaded a British hostage or whoever, they don’t get there from a standing start. They have extremist views and an extremist mindset before they make that final decision to be an extremist terrorist.”

And the starting point, no matter how much Obama and the politically correct West might wish it otherwise, is in militant Islam.


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