‘Boycott’ ends: Here’s why Trump is returning to Fox’s ‘O’Reilly Factor’

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump will be working with Fox after all.

trumporeilly0929Less than a week after publicly declaring he wouldn’t be “doing any more Fox shows for the foreseeable future,” Trump is scheduled to appear with Fox News host Bill O’Reilly on  “The O’Reilly Factor” Tuesday to handle questions about the economy and “if the media treats him fairly.”

Considering the history between Trump and Fox since the Aug. 6 primary presidential debate – and Trump’s ensuing public tangle with Fox News host Megyn Kelly – it should be interesting.

It could also be productive, because a boycott wasn’t helping anybody. Trump’s political base and the Fox viewer base overlap too much — it wasn’t an accident that Fox had the first Republican primary debate.

It’s not that they need each other necessarily — Fox was the No. 1 cable news network long before Trump announced his candidacy; Trump could get big ratings on the Home Shopping Network if he wanted to. But for the two to be working at cross purposes is absurd (and an MSNBC dream.)

Since Trump declared his boycott, Fox announced that the network’s chairman and chief executive Roger Ailes and other Fox executives will be meeting with the billionaire politician to try to smooth things over, but no date has been announced.

Maybe the O’Reilly factor appearance is a good start, though.

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Joe Saunders

Joe Saunders, a 25-year newspaper veteran, is a staff writer and editor for BizPac Review who lives in Tallahassee and covers capital and Florida politics. Email Joe at [email protected].


198 thoughts on “‘Boycott’ ends: Here’s why Trump is returning to Fox’s ‘O’Reilly Factor’

  1. homegirl says:

    Trump has never run for or won a political office, by what stretch of the imagination can he be identified as a “politician?” The Donald is a publicity hound, just like Sarah Palin and Paris Hilton in her glory days.

    1. John Campbell says:

      It seems you’ve missed the point. He’s NOT a politician which is one of the reasons why he is so popular. Get over yourself. :o)

  2. jojo david says:

    Trump should demand that the BIMBO be fired . Before returning..

  3. Bill Bruck says:

    Does the quality of a candidate’s character mean anything any more? Trump outright lied to Jeb Bush and the American people during the debate. He most certainly DID lobby heavily FOR off-reservation gambling in Florida. My wife is from Florida. We live in the Fort Meyers area and she showed me archived news articles from the local newspapers. Everyone here remembers it. Trump most certainly lied folks. He also bragged about being a multiple felon. Yes folks, buying politicians is a felony. And do you believe he donated millions of dollars to the Clintons’ campaigns and family foundation just to have Hillary attend his wedding? He is playing us for fools just like Obama did. They both know two things. The average American voter is pretty ignorant and easily sucked in by a “Hope and change” type message. If you can’t dazzle ’em with brilliance, baffle ’em with bull. Add these things to the fact that his foreign policy positions reveal his absolute ignorance of the workings of the rest of the world and it’s a recipe for disaster. He says that the Republicans will start WWIII in the middle east? Letting Russia and Iran control the region will bring about nuclear proliferation on a scale never before seen. ISIS will be the least of our worries. And if he cares about us little people so much, then why did he have hundreds of families thrown out of their homes via eminent domain in order to build his empire and line his pockets with gold? But he’s a political outsider, right? How can someone who has admittedly been involved so heavily in politics for so long be considered an outsider? I suspect, though, that many, if not most, of those reading this will go on the attack. After all, that’s what we Americans do when confronted with hard facts that we don’t want to accept. Isn’t it? So go ahead and do your worst. Unlike Trump’s long held liberal political views and affiliations that magically transformed into conservative ones overnight, my conservative core values remain constant and unwavering.

    1. John Campbell says:

      Last I checked Trump was running for president, not the Messiah. He doesn’t walk on water either, unless it’s frozen over at an ice rink. Soros just bought up major stakes in th U.S. coal industry. Should we make the coal industry fail so as not to allow Soros to prosper from it?

  4. pghpatriot says:

    I don’t really care on what or where Trump or any other candidate appears so as to give interviews. I want to be able to read, in their own words, where and how they stand on each issue. TV is a photo op where too many say too much that they later deny or say they were mis-quoted. Talks cheap! Put it in writing so we all can read and know once and for all just how ‘conservative’ you are or aren’t. That would be much harder to walk away from. Most, if not all TV jocks try and make an interview ‘about them’ instead of the candidate. They want to show their brethern either how smart they are or try and be a spolier. They can’t keep their own opinions and politics out of the equation. Case in point, Pelley’s interview with Carson.

    This will be the most significant and consequential election in our lifetime. IMO, the future of the Nation rests in the balance. I want the most sensible, civil, level-headed, honest, brave, CONSERVATIVE, backboned, man, woman, or beast to be our next president. Ethnicity doesn’t even enter into the discussion.

      1. pghpatriot says:

        Thanks John. Of course this is only one side of a two sided coin. I have heard of some dissenting views of his tax plan as well as his immigration plan. Again, before I support him or anyone, I want to read not only ‘their’ pros for their own plans, but also the ‘con’ side that the candidates do’t readily document. They all can make themselves sound terrific. I want to see their ‘warts’ as well, and then decide.

        This is a good start. Thanks again.

  5. Forrest Jane Cline says:

    Let’s give Trump a try….he can’t do any worse than what we’ve had running this Country and just might do a dang sight better. A vote for a “career politician” will just get us more of “the business as usual.” We don’t have a lot of time considering this Country is in one heck of a shape.

  6. chuck says:

    Fix news need a democrat. Very funny. Trump the democrat is using the GOP. Very funny. When all of trump games and freak show implodes ,I hope he takes fix news down with the tea baggerrrs.

  7. atlas007 says:

    Mr. Trump… You said you’d consider leaving the race if things were going poorly and go back to being a businessman. Keep in mind that one week before the 1980 election, the polls had Jimmy Carter ahead of Ronald Reagan. Reagan won in a landslide.

  8. atlas007 says:

    Do you want a job? Do you want lower taxes? Do you want a strong military? Do you want a growing economy? Do you want to rid this world of ISIS? Have you had enough of Planned Parenthood and it’s Nazi torture chambers? Have you had enough of Political Correctness? VOTE TRUMP, DON’T BE A CHUMP! TRUMP 2016!!!

    1. Rip Rogers says:

      and the ever important reason, bye bye 30+ million illegals!
      That alone will give back 200 billion dollars a year. Wished we could get the trillion they have costs since 1985.

  9. Joanne Libro-Martin says:

    Hey Rip! Do you even know what a Marxist is? You are you are not only delusional – you are stupid. I notice none of you Trump lovers ever come up with anything constructive about him. Only slurs against everyone else.

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