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‘Blood on their hands!’ Trump, Carson to blame if gunmen shoot Muslims in US mosques, says CNN analyst

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Rula JebrealA CNN foreign policy analyst blasted Republican base voters for supporting candidates Donald Trump, Dr. Ben Carson, and Ted Cruz saying they will be responsible if violence breaks out against Muslims.

Appearing with Don Lemon Monday, Rula Jebreal said if a gunman attacked a mosque, Trump, Carson and Cruz would “have blood on their hands” because of comments each has made regarding Muslims.

“Would we ever accept a presidential candidate that would apply the same rules, would say the same things about Jews and blacks? We would never tolerate them, we’d never respect them, we’d never even accept them,” she said. “But we accept it against Muslims because, sadly, in the Republican base this is what is appealing to them today.”

“[Its] in the realm of possibility in a country that is very armed that somebody that will be carrying weapons will go to a mosque tomorrow or after tomorrow and will start shooting people,” she said. “And these people will have blood on their hands, all of them. Carson, Trump and Ted Cruz.”

Lemon noted that Carson’s camp had raised more than $600,000 since his comments stating he wouldn’t vote for Muslim president.

“That’s the Republican base,” Jebreal scolded.

Does she blame the Democrat base or Obama for the attacks against Christians?


Watch the segment below.

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