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Big-government task force unleashed to ‘fix’ Common Core – MORE government?

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When their liberal policies show signs of complete failure, there’s really only one thing left for progressives to do: Create a task force.

Admitting that Common Core has left students, teachers, and parents “confused and anxious,” New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced the creation of a new task force designed to contemplate a total “reboot” of the failing educational standards.

Apparently, Cuomo believes a big-government task force of Common Core advocates will somehow be capable of “fixing” the problems of a big-government takeover of education.

In the video announcing Cuomo’s plan to save Common Core from itself, the governor claims the biggest problem with the new standards has been their “implementation,” not their convoluted and confusing approach toward education.

“There are a lot of good ideas – the key is making them work,” Cuomo says in the video, quoting his father.

His grand plan to boost Common Core’s popularity using a task force, however, wasn’t well received on social media. Within hours, the Tweet marking the official announcement became a sounding board for frustrated parents, teachers, and students.

Liberal fans of Common Core apparently aren’t terribly quick learners…

…No wonder they aren’t very good at creating education standards.

Michael Schaus


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