‘Oops!’ Woman’s anti-Trump protest takes an embarrassing turn — at revolving doors

flowers0928Flower power ain’t what it used to be.

A woman trying to make a point by delivering an enormous bouquet of flowers to the Trump Tower in New York City ended up embarrassing herself instead — and needing the assistance of the tower’s security guards to clean up her own mess.

In the video posted by TMZ Monday, the woman identified as Estefani Mercedes, carries what TMZ calls 1,000 yellow dahlias — the national flower of Mexico — with each accompanied by a note from a Latin immigrant “sarcastically thanking Trump for his views on immigration.”

If the plan was to have Trump see each note personally, it ended in disarray when the woman was stymied by the revolving doors at the street-level entrance to the building. Men identified by TMZ as Trump Tower security guards eventually helped the woman pick up the fallen flowers and threw them away — but not before giving her one as a memorial for her effort.

Flower power might not be what it used to be, but at least chivalry isn’t dead.

Social media users weren’t as kind.

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Joe Saunders

Joe Saunders, a 25-year newspaper veteran, is a staff writer and editor for BizPac Review who lives in Tallahassee and covers capital and Florida politics. Email Joe at [email protected].


14 thoughts on “‘Oops!’ Woman’s anti-Trump protest takes an embarrassing turn — at revolving doors

  1. Awesome Houston Welder says:


    1. Rosewould says:


      Louis Farrakhan and his hair straightener.

    2. chuck says:

      She looks like trump wife or ex wife

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  2. chuck says:

    Trump loves the Mexican. Not. Mexican hate trump and by extension the GOP

    1. Friend Of St. Frank says:

      Trump hates the GOP? And by the way, Chuck, my legal immigrant family (Hispanic) from Honduras as well as my Osage and Cherokee family members are all voting for Trump. Further, my housekeeper and her husband, a legal immigrant from Mexico are voting for Trump.

      By the way, learn to make a coherent statement.

      1. El Cid says:

        The democrats have old white men (Sanders, Biden) and overweight old white women (Clinton) running. By the way, I’m of Mexican ancestry…I’m white. Yeah, I have some of the native Yaqui blood, but my genes probably come more from the Spanish Conquistadores – who were white Europeans.

    2. El Cid says:

      I’m an American of Mexican ancestry. I’m a lifelong Republican and patriot. Trump…and others in the GOP, do not hate Mexicans…they do not like illegal aliens. Huge difference.

      I’m not a Trump supporter (I support Ted Cruz), but I certainly understand his point on that issue.

    3. Shirley temple dancer says:

      And we care for your cause how? You suck up every free thing you can
      Go HOME

  3. Mary Jane says:

    Showing a true idiot, too bad she wasn’t also knocked on her azz

  4. Rocketman says:

    What an incompetent. By her performance, I’m guessing she’s a federal employee.

  5. tbird90sc says:

    Estefani Mercedes? I guess things didn’t work out down at the strip club.

  6. tsigili says:

    The illegals don’t like to hear the truth………….so they try to protest, when they should be trying to run and hide, for breaking our laws.

  7. Michelle Evans says:

    “Can someone help me pick up the flowers? ” No! You made the stupid move and mess yourself..you pick them all up!

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