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Dumb criminals charged with bank robbery after posting selfies with stolen loot on Facebook

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Rule No. 1 when attempting to conceal your criminal activity is hide the evidence.

Apparently that memo didn’t reach the brilliant couple who robbed the Savings Bank in Ashville, Ohio, in August.

The dim duo, John Mogan, 28, and Ashley Duboe, 24, are charged with robbing the bank on Aug. 24 after Mogan walked into the bank and handed a note to the teller demanding cash.

John Mogan Ashley Duboe 2

So far, so good.

But in a move of sheer imbecility, the pair posted pictures of themselves with the loot on Facebook leading to their arrest last week, The Smoking Gun reported.

Although Mogan has very recognizable tattoos on his face and neck, investigators allege Duboe applied makeup to cover them before driving him to the bank.

John Mogan

Mogan was just released from prison after serving five years for robbing a Fairfield National Bank branch in July 2010 in Lancaster, Ohio, just 20 miles from the most recent robbery. A female accomplice was arrested in that case as well, according to The Smoking Gun.

John Mogan

The tattoos on his face read “Loyalty is thin” on the right side, and “Betrayal is thick” on the left.

And if anyone knows thick, it’s him.

Carmine Sabia


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