Bail denied for dangerous woman threatening to kill cops and white people in You Tube rants

nedd-topIt looks as though the Black Lives Matter movement is getting totally out of control — and its adherents see nothing wrong with that.

A Georgia woman was arrested last week for posting threats against police officers and white people on social media.

The woman, Latausha Nedd, who goes by the name Eye Empress Sekhmet on her YouTube channel, made hate and profanity-filled videos calling for a war to be waged against whites, and advocating shooting police officers, according to WSB-TV 2 in Atlanta.

Nedd lives a mile-and-a-half from the local police station.

“I say let’s have a take a gun day, and start walking up on these untrained and stealing their weapons,” Nedd said.

“You really want people to kill cops?” Channel 2 asked Nedd.

“I never said that,” she answered.

Nedd is apparently a fan of the TV station.

“She was watching your news broadcast,” Chief Michael Register with the Clayton County Police Department told WSB-TV.  “A lot of people talk on the Internet and on YouTube, but most people don’t make threats against segments of the community.”

WSB-TV reported:

In court, the judge read of the charges and allegations against Nedd. She is charged with criminal solicitation and terroristic threats, both felonies.

Nedd was also charged with battery and cruelty to children. She was in a state of disbelief after hearing the two charges.

“Charges of battery and child cruelty? I don’t even have a child. I have no idea what you’re talking about,” Nedd said.

Those charges stem from an incident involving the daughter of a friend. She also denied making threats. The court denied bail at her arraignment.

Watch the report via WSB-TV

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74 thoughts on “Bail denied for dangerous woman threatening to kill cops and white people in You Tube rants

  1. Quisno Rodonovich says:

    In time, if she continues on this path, the produce of her actions will come and she will know the error of her ways. To speak in anger and to promote anger is part of man but to understand freedom one must gleen all that is placed in ones path. and the old adage we reap what we sew becomes most defining when what we grasp is the fruit of our labors both good and bad.

  2. AltMusicLuvr says:

    It’s about time one of these loser anarchist thugettes from blackLIESmatter is held accountable for her criminal racist rants. That group is trying to make the world believe that THEY are the victims of racial crimes, but thanks to youtube, the entire world can see that it is the other way round. Blacks are overwhelmingly the predators and their favorite choice is white men, women, children, even babies in their strollers have been shot point blank in the head and executed while the grieving white woman BEGGED AND BEGGED THEM TO NOT KILL HER BABY BUT THEY DID.
    The truth is out. Barack and Michelle can now tell the truth about race crimes and point out who is the victim in the real world. And it’s not blacks. They are the perps and instigators. The narrative of interracial crime is starting to realize these sad truths.

  3. AltMusicLuvr says:

    She’s not the only one wondering about it. This is what black people believe. Our president and first lady believe the same thing, namely, all of the dysfunction in black communities is the result of white supremacy. Our mere presence is considered a microaggression. This is the garbage being taught to all students.

  4. Quisno Rodonovich says:

    Lets just shoot her in the head and take away her rights then we can also meet our executioner in the same manner OK? When you absolve a persons rights your s also can be absolved. For me i would look up where she lives and stay away but file a picture of her in my mind and keep my powder dry and weapons clean

  5. Quisno Rodonovich says:


    What did the founders say about free speach back in the days when men had to protect themselves minus a nanny state? Thomas Jefferson:
    “It is more dangerous that even a guilty person should be punished without the forms of law than that he should escape.
    Benjiman Franklin :”Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety. For those who would trade their freedoms for safety get neither.

  6. STARLA says:

    This is crazy, why are they(the blacks)gunning for Whites to shoot. Right now is the time for us all cling together.. Against the Real terror to us all Americans… See they can’t go up against a terrorist, they have to big of a gun. Knowing muslims,and others,, Not gonna help them.They are the ones who start trouble. And they blame it on Whites. She needs to be used to show all the others, you can’t come down on the Whites.And they wonder why (some )are starting to go after them.Throw the creepy Female in prison

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