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Actor Tim Allen: Gun-grabbers have it all wrong

tim allen
Photo Source Salon.com

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A TV star who plays a charcater who sells guns for a living has a view of mass shootings that’s sure to drive liberals crazy:

Mental illness, not the availability of assault rifles, is the real problem, actor Tim Allen told Entertainment Weekly.

The topic of guns came up during a recent interview where Allen also talked about being a rare Republican in Hollywood.

His character in the ABC TV sitcom “Last Man Standing” is conservative in nature.

“I think we are the only one,” Allen said, when asked about doing a “Republican-leaning” show. “They try to make Mike Baxter a caricature, which helps the liberal side be okay with it. I fight that, because I say his opinions are just as valid.”

The actor explained that, while not “a gun guy,” his father stressed the importance of education.

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“I’m a guy’s guy, because I love men that hit stuff, and at least know about guns,” he said. “I’m not a gun guy, I don’t shoot animals or people. When we were kids, my dad put us through a YMCA class. We know how to load ‘em, clean ‘em, put ‘em away, store ‘em, and never point them at people.”

“That’s just the rule: You don’t get mad and go get a gun,” Alled added. “We just learned about them. And then put them away, and none of us ever used them again.”

As for the gun-grabbers, he said they were distracted by appearance, but the real problem is mental illness.

“The truth of it is, AK47s look dangerous, so they want those outlawed, but a Winchester 30-30 is actually, in my mind, far more dangerous,” Allen said.

“Anyway, we got asked this yesterday, ‘How do you guys feel about gun violence?'” he added. “This guy, Mike Baxter, is a guy who works in a store that sells guns, so he has to have an attitude about them. But it’s really mental illness: Most of these big, horrendous events were done by somebody who’s mentally ill.”

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