‘Oops!’ Woman’s anti-Trump protest takes an embarrassing turn — at revolving doors

Flower power ain’t what it used to be. A woman trying to make a point by delivering an enormous bouquet of flowers to the Trump Tower in […]

Remington Arms has Dana Loesch’s back — to teach the gun grabbers a lesson

In response to a “beyond creepy” video depicting BlazeTV host Dana Loesch shooting herself in the head, the firearms manufacturer Remington Arms took the exceptional step of […]

Dumb criminals charged with bank robbery after posting selfies with stolen loot on Facebook

Rule No. 1 when attempting to conceal your criminal activity is hide the evidence. Apparently that memo didn’t reach the brilliant couple who robbed the Savings Bank […]

VIDEO: Watch this granny’s reaction when Mick Jagger appears onstage with Taylor Swift

If it’s true that you’re only as young as you feel, then for a few minutes last weekend, a 72-year-old grandmother was every bit of sweet 16. […]

School goes into lockdown after student displays Confederate flag on his backpack

A student’s display of a Confederate battle flag on his backpack eventually led to a Georgia high school going into lockdown and the suspension of three students […]

tim allen
Actor Tim Allen: Gun-grabbers have it all wrong

A TV star who plays a charcater who sells guns for a living has a view of mass shootings that’s sure to drive liberals crazy: Mental illness, not […]

Mom’s hidden camera catches hilarious fun husband has with kids involving Katy Perry video and pom poms

A woman set up a hidden camera to see what her kids were up to while she was at work, but what she found her husband doing […]

Putin taunts Obama on ’60 Minutes,’ vows to fight ISIS -Trump says ‘let them do it’

It seems that Donald Trump agrees with Russian President Vladimir Putin on one thing: President Obama is not getting the job done against the Islamic State. Putin took Obama […]

Bette Midler scolded for using Ronald Reagan: ‘Whose paper did you copy off of with the big word?’

Hollywood lefty Bette Midler apparently has some unresolved feelings dating back to Ronald Reagan’s presidency, and she’s using the resignation of House Speaker John Boehner to work […]

Actress Kirstie Alley blasts ‘antagonist a**hat’ Scott Pelley for Trump interview

Actress Kirstie Alley was not cheering for “60 Minutes” anchor Scott Pelley. The former “Cheers” star and “Dancing with the Stars” competitor blasted Pelley on Sunday for […]

dana-1 (1)
Anti-gun nut sends sickening video to Dana Loesch — and it backfires

Be careful when you criticize a gun supporter — it may backfire on you. Over the weekend, a gun-grabbing Twitter user twisted a recent promotional video, made […]

Belligerent NFL wife arrested at Dolphins game; ‘headbutts cop’ after ugly takedown

If the Miami Dolphins displayed the kind of fight seen Sunday from the wife of one of the team’s players, they may have fared better on the […]