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Waitress picks up the tab for cop and his family — she didn’t expect to be repaid like this!

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Yawn Bock TipA Texas waitress received a dose of instant karma when she was rewarded for paying the tab for an officer’s meal.

And, boy did it pay off!

Tammy Yawn, who works at PK’s Grill in Orange, Texas, decided to show her appreciation for law enforcement by paying for the meal of Deputy Dustin Bock and his family.

“They’re real people, just like we are, normal people,” Yawn told “Fox & Friends” Sunday, when she and Bock appeared together. “I just felt in my heart I wanted to do something nice for them, because I feel for them.”

But when Yawn walked away, she got a surprise of her own.

Another waitress came up to her and handed her a $100 tip courtesy of Deputy Bock.

“I wanted to be sure that not only did she get back what she gave to me, but get what she was due,” he said.

And the gratitude didn’t stop there. Bock’s Mom even gave Yawn a call.

“She was so sweet, thanking me for what I had done,” Yawn told the panel.

Watch the entire interview below.

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