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Ben Carson sets Martha Raddatz straight: No, Sharia is NOT compatible with the Constitution

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raddatz-carsonA week after Republican presidential contender Ben Carson lit up the media when he told NBC newsman Chuck Todd that he couldn’t support a Muslim in the White House, he’s sticking to his guns.

Why take the chance?

This time he was confronted during a testy interview by ABC News “This Week” guest host Martha Raddatz, who zeroed right in on the issue, asking the retired pediatric neurosurgeon whether he stood by his previous statement.

Carson replied that so long as the candidate denounces Sharia law, he wouldn’t have a problem.

“Do you assume that all Muslims embrace Sharia law?” she asked in a blatant attempt to pin  him down.

Carson said that if someone could present him with “an approved Islamic text that opposes Sharia,” he would alter his position.

That’s going to be difficult to do.

Fox News contributor David Webb surveyed a group of Muslims at a New York Islamic center on the question of whether Sharia law should trump the U.S. Constitution. A significant percentage thought it should.

Carson described Sharia law as “against the rights of women, against the rights of gays [and] subjugates other religions.”


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