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What percentage of Americans said they would not have helped Jews hide from Nazis?

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Return To The Hiding PlaceA shocking new poll discovered that one-third of Americans would not have helped Jews hide from the Nazis during World War II.

The poll was conducted as part of a marketing campaign by the team responsible for the film “Return to the Hiding Place,” released in theaters in 2014 and now available for purchase.

The film tells the story of Christians who would not join Hitler’s Nazi army and risked their lives to hide Jews, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The 1,000 people surveyed were asked to “think back to World War II when Jews in Europe were forced into concentration camps and many were killed by the Nazis.

“If you were living in this time period, would you have risked the possible imprisonment and death of yourself and your family to hide Jews?”

A whopping 31 percent said they would not.

According to the poll, women were more likely to say no than men, and married people were more likely to help than those who were single.

The poll also discovered religious people were more predisposed to help than those who were not reigious.

“Our film raises uncomfortable questions such as, ‘If you are not saving your brothers now when you are not under threat, would you save them when your life was in danger?’” director Peter Spencer said adding that the question is particularly poignant in today’s world.

“ISIS is intent on liquidating Christians and Jews just as Hitler was intent on liquidating the Jewish people,” he said.

“We often think of saving strangers as hypothetical,” he added. “But we are at a moment in history where that call to action is not only literal, it is vital.”

Watch the movie’s official trailer below.

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