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‘I am filled with embarrassment and humiliation’: Geraldo scolds Kilmeade for daring to criticize pope

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Geraldo Rivera is on his high horse – again.

On Friday,  Rivera butted heads with Fox & Friends co-host Brian Kilmeade, a Catholic, for his remarks earlier in the week that Pope Francis is in “the wrong country.”

“I am filled with embarrassment and humiliation that my beloved Brian Kilmeade actually suggested last week that the pope was in the wrong country,” Rivera said, scolding his Fox & Friends co-host.

Kilmeade’s observation was in response to the pontiff’s denouncement of capitalism and his belief in man-made climate change. He admitted that his remarks may get him into trouble but added, “bring it on.”

Rivera did just that.

Kilmeade, who is Catholic, said that the pope should concentrate on the real problems in the world confronting Christianity, such as terrorists “beheading Christians.”

Watch the clip.

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