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Harry Reid says most jaw-dropping thing about Boehner’s retirement- leaves social media in utter disbelief

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Following House Speaker John Boehner’s announcement that he would be resigning from his seat effective the end of October, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid made an observation so inane it was graphically described by one as jaw-dropping.

One can only assume the Nevada Democrat lives in a world of his own imagination, because after the Ohio Republican announced he would soon retire, Reid tweeted:

Two problems with this: One, Boehner didn’t so much “compromise” as he capitulated. Two, what would Reid know about compromise? Just like the current president, it was always his way or the highway. It didn’t take long for Reid’s Twitter feed to erupt in laughter and disbelief.

This person saw Reid’s statement for what it was — a real jaw-dropper.

And finally someone threw in a plug for Trump — the shape of things to come?

Reid should probably have stayed away from social media Friday. The old, former boxer ended up getting KO’d.


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