John Boehner does ‘ugly cry’ next to pope; social media has field day poking fun

Speaker of the House, John Boehner couldn’t hold back his emotion during Pope Francis’ address to congress on Thursday, prompting snickers and jokes from social media.

Boehner has become known for shedding tears on a regular basis, and several news outlets had taken bets on whether or not the Speaker would get weepy during the pope’s visit to Washington D.C. – those who bet that he would, won.

The Guardian and The Atlantic took to Twitter and predicted Boehner, a lifelong Catholic, wouldn’t be able to hold back the water works during the rare encounter.

Just like sun rises in the east, the tears started flowing as Boehner listened to the pope speak.

And the tears kept coming.

Boehner’s childhood friend tried to explain how much meeting the pope meant to the Speaker, conjuring up childhood memories of delivering papers around Sunday morning mass.

But the heartfelt stories did little to stop the ridicule coming the Speaker’s way.

Even Boehner made fun of himself, Tweeting that it “doesn’t take an act of God” to make him get emotional.

His tweet garnered some sympathy.

But then again…


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