Hunter PRAYS way to safety, crawls for DAYS with broken leg after writing good-bye note to family

Sain’s family reunited in Boise hospital. Photo source: KTVB.

A 50-year-old hunter and family man is thanking God to be alive after narrowly surviving a harrowing ordeal during an elk hunt that went horribly wrong.

John Sain was alone when he broke two bones in one leg after slipping on a log in the remote and rugged Idaho wilderness last week, KTVB reported.

“Contemplated on just ending it right there honestly,” said Sain, a Montana native and California resident.

“I stepped up on a log, there were two logs, and my foot slipped in between them,” he said. “My momentum went forward and it snapped the two bottom bones in my right leg, the tib and the fib in half.”

rescue team
The remote area where Sain was rescued had to be cleared with chainsaws before the Life Flight helicopter could land. Photo source: KTVB.

The pain was so excruciating, Sain at one point contemplated suicide, KTVB reported. Knowing he was miles from civilization and having no cell phone service, Sain began to write goodbye letters to his wife and kids.

That’s when Sain dug deep.

“There was no way. There was no way,” he said. “I was going to make it.”

Sain got busy making a handmade splint with sticks and tattered cloth and, to the best of his ability, used it to keep his leg as stable as possible.

“I dragged myself out of there,” he told KTVB.

With the help of his water purifier and fire building skills, Sain managed to survive as he painstakingly made his way to the closest road over several days.

By the fourth day, he began to break down, KTVB reported. But the hunter’s prayers paid off – big time.

Two men on motorcycles found Sain by a trail just when the hunter thought he was “done.”

“Thank God,” Sain said. “I’m a faithful man. I prayed the whole time.

“It was definitely my fuel.”

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