Dana Loesch defends Fiorina’s POWERFUL anti-Planned Parenthood video: ‘This is the horror . . .’

Conservative firebrand Dana Loesch came out in fierce defense of Carly Fiorina’s controversial anti-Planned Parenthood video on “The Kelly File,” Thursday.

“This is the horror that’s taking place,” Loesch said.

“I’m glad that [Fiorina’s] attention to it is finally bringing it up for a national discussion in mainstream media.”

The powerful video highlights Fiorina’s biggest moment during last week’s Republican debate, when she dared Obama and Hillary Clinton to watch the horrifying footage of Planned Parenthood’s practice of harvesting baby body parts for profit.

But Fiorina’s campaign video doesn’t end there.

In an answer to Fiorina’s critics who charged the presidential hopeful was misrepresenting the truth, the video shows “incredibly graphic” footage of fully formed babies.

Loesch believes it’s about time.

“You have to show people this is the horror that is taking place. This is really happening right now in the United States of America,” Loesch said.

“And we have to show it so that people know what we’re talking about. So, we can’t hide away and act like it’s just a policy discussion.”

(Warning: Extremely graphic content in the following video)

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