Comedian Tim Allen not afraid to admit he’s conservative; plays a ‘smart Archie Bunker’

Sean Hannity Tim AllenComedian Tim Allen is one of the few Hollywood celebrities not afraid to admit he is a conservative.

The star of the ABC hit show “Last Man Standing” told Fox News’ Sean Hannity on Thursday that he considers himself a fiscal conservative.

“I like problem-solving. And problem-solving usually originates, from my family – there were nine kids and a single mom for a while – and a lot of it was, ‘How are you going to pay for this?’ My family is all about that. ‘How you going to pay for that? Any idea?'” he told Hannity.

Allen said his character on the show, Mike Baxter, is like a “smart Archie Bunker,” a reference to the main character in the 1970s’ hit sitcom “All In The Family.”

“Mike Baxter’s character is a lot of me,” he said, adding that his writing team is mainly liberals, but “no one makes fun of liberals better than liberals when they’re on their game.”

Allen did say he sometimes gets notes from network executives asking him to limit the rhetoric like calling President Obama a communist.

“I do push the button a little bit too hard sometimes,” he said.


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