‘What an embarrassment!’ Why couldn’t Ruth Ginsburg stay awake for the pope?

As Pope Francis rose to address the assembled members of Congress and the justices of the Supreme Court, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s head dropped and her eyelids closed in a repeat performance of January’s State of the Union address.

And just like the time before, it didn’t go unnoticed and people took to social media with their observations, including one that summed it up pretty well: “What an embarrassment.”

The last time this happened, Ginsburg claimed she wasn’t entirely sober during the president’s address.

“Oh — what I meant was that I had a glass of wine with dinner,” she said in an interview with MSNBC’s Irin Carmon airing on “The Rachel Maddow Show.” “And that on top of having stayed up all night. I was writing something.”

But the pope’s address took place Wednesday before noon — wine in the morning?

Conservatives are less concerned about her sleeping habits than they are that the 82-year-old Ginsburg makes it trough January of 2017. Then, with any luck at all, it’ll be a Republican president who nominates her successor.

H/T: National Review


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