‘WH calling me a liar!’ 13-year-old Obama critic battles press flack over social media ‘block’

cj-pearsonA 13-year-old frequent critic of President Barack Obama claims that the president has blocked him from following Obama’s Twitter account or even viewing his tweets, a claim the White House denies.

But C.J. Pearson, the young thorn in the president’s backside, claims he has proof.

Pearson’s latest complaint was the president’s invitation that Ahmed Mohamed, the Texas Muslim teen who was arrested and briefly detained for bringing what he called a clock to school — a device that looked remarkably like a homemade bomb.

Late Wednesday afternoon, a week after Pearson last took the president to task, the boy reported that he’d been blocked, and included a screenshot of the message he’d received when he attempted to access the president’s Twitter feed.

In less than three hours, Assistant Press Secretary Frank Benenati responded on his personal Twitter account.

This resulted in a return salvo from Pearson using new weaponry. He moved from Twitter to Facebook and to stand by his original claim — he’d been blocked.

“If you think the American people are gonna fall for your little tricks, you’re downright crazy,” he said. “This administration has lied to the American people time and time again. They lied about Bengazi. They lied about the IRS. They lied about every issue of importance to the American people.”

Here’s that video post:

My response to the White House calling me a liar.

Posted by CJ Pearson on Wednesday, September 23, 2015

If nothing else, the incident has stirred up supporters from each side, and has brought doubts to Benenati’s claim that the president has never blocked another Twitter user:

The controversy has also stirred up a good amount of humor:

“The reality of it is you don’t get invited to the White House for building a clock – I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I hate to be harsh, but it’s the plain truth,” Pearson said in his latest Obama critique.

“He’s a Muslim kid, he fits into your agenda, so you’re going to go ahead and invite him, well that’s great for you.”


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