Video deals ‘Clock Boy’ story another blow: What would YOU think it was, anyway?

dan-joseph-mrcThe controversy that Texas teen Ahmed “Clock Boy” Mohamed stirred up when he brought what he called a homemade clock to school that had all the appearances of a bomb, prompted a conservative media analysis group to ask college students what they thought it was.

Media Research Center’s Dan Joseph showed students at George Mason University a photograph of Mohamed’s “clock” and asked them what it was.

“I’m going to show you this and you tell me what you think it is,” Joseph said to the students, adding that he wanted them to respond with “the first thing that pops in your head.”


With just one exception, they thought it was a bomb — the same conclusion a teacher at Mohamed’s school reached when he contacted authorities.

The lone exception thought it resembled a polygraph.

Mohamed gained notoriety as well as sympathy from the left when he was arrested and briefly detained while police checked the device out.

The Council on Americvan-Islamic Relations called it a case of Islamophobia and President Barack Obama invited the 14-year-old Muslim to the White House to show his “invention” off.

The appearance of the device is a big part of the “clock kid’s” story, since the liberal narrative paints the teachers and police involved as villains for not recognizing it as the harmless creation of an unusually bright teenager — and were instead frightened and racist enough to assume a Muslim teenager automatically presents a threat.

If even the young campus crowd at George Mason, generally liberal and presumably less tainted with racism than the rest of American culture, couldn’t recognize it as harmless, chances are most Americans — including average teachers and cops — wouldn’t either.

Since the incident, engineers have suggested that it wasn’t invented, or even built, at all. It was merely a vintage digital clock that he’d taken apart and crammed it’s parts into a large pencil case.

Watch the video, via MRCTV.

H/T: TheBlaze


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