Top poll predictor makes a bold call for GOP pick; and it might not be who you think

Famed statistician and political election predictor Nate Silver claims to have the number on who will be the Republican nominee for 2016.

Donald Trump fans might want to be on alert.

Silver successfully predicted presidential election outcomes in 49 states in 2008, and nailed the 2012 presidential results with 100 percent accuracy.

For the next GOP presidential primary, Silver is looking past obvious front-runner Trump to take the nomination, and has chosen a contender who has been steadily rising in the polls.

Silver posted his political forecast on Twitter Thursday:

In his show, FiveThirtyEight, Silver said Marco Rubio benefits the most from Scott Walker leaving the race. “Yeah, Rubio seems to be the default answer,” Silver said. “They’re fairly similar ideologically. They each have some credibility with both the establishment and the grassroots — or at least, they were supposed to. And we’ve already seen reporting on how a number of ex-Walker staffers are defecting to Rubio.” Silver likened Rubio to a reality star who everyone knows will win, but enjoys the arduous show of watching him get there. Plenty of Twitter users agreed:

Or is it? Even with Silver’s stellar record of predictions, not everyone is a believer. Trump fans especially are not giving Silver’s announcement any clout:

The guy does have a point.

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