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Sheriff Clarke: Why Obama’s ‘assault on the police officer’ means slaughter in American cities

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david-clarkeThe continued bloodshed in Chicago, which has arguably some of the strictest gun control measures in the country, is just one more result of President Barack Obama’s “assault on the police officer,” Sheriff David Clarke said Wednesday.

“In this instance, all we get from Rahm Emanuel, the mayor, who is an Obama protege — we get a shoulder shrug,” Milwaukee County’s top lawman told Fox News host Sean Hannity Wednesday.

“We get a head in the sand from the superintendent of the Chicago Police Department — he’s been nothing more than a mouthpiece for Michael Bloomberg’s assault on the Second Amendment — and from the president of the United States, the same,” he said.

“I think this is Exhibit A in the case that, to these individuals, black lives do not matter.”

This last weekend the Windy City witnessed 33 shootings that injured 41 and killed eight. One of them Tyjuan Pondexter, 14, who was outside playing basketball when he was caught up in a drive-by shooting.

Clarke observed that had these injuries and deaths been the result of a tornado, a state of emergency would have been declared for the president’s adopted hometown.

Clarke said that the violence can only escalate until the “assault on the police officer” mentality is curbed.

“[Big-city mayors] need to make it clear to the public they’re going to properly resource the police department and they’re going to stand behind these officers,” he told Hannity.

“The good, law-abiding people of Chicago are suffering,” as a result, he added. “There are too many felons and career criminals that are armed. The law-abiding people are not.”


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