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‘Not very humble!’ Social media RIPS Michelle Obama’s dress to meet pope; it cost HOW MUCH?

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The pope had a little-known close encounter with the miracles of capitalism – thanks to Michelle Obama.

The pontiff was praised this week for turning down an invite to lunch with congressional elite, choosing instead to dine with the homeless.

But Pope Francis couldn’t get out of having to meet the first lady, who showed up to greet him on Wednesday in a not-so-frugal $2,290 dress.

Michelle Obama’s dress choice isn’t out of character for a woman who’s become accustomed to the finer things in life. The fact that FLOTUS couldn’t scale back her exorbitant taste even while meeting the world’s most vocal proponent for the poor and downtrodden says a lot.

Obama probably figured the mainstream media wouldn’t make a big stink about it like they did when they excoriated Ann Romney for the $990 dollar blouse she wore on “CBS This Morning in 2012.” (And, of course, she was right.)

Social media on the other hand, thinks Mrs. Romney deserves and apology:

And who could forget the selective media “outrage” lashed out against Romney over this dress “scandal”:

Ridiculous, and let’s face it, Romney wasn’t meeting the pope.

Seriously. Someone alert the pontiff.



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