Lucky girl — or propaganda prop? Media-hyped moment has skeptics suspicious

Millions watched the pope’s televised parade through Washington D.C. on Wednesday, but there was one moment in particular that captured the attention of the nation – and is now raising eyebrows.

A 5-year-old girl supposedly broke through airtight security and was able to reach Pope Francis in his vehicle. The scene pulled at the heartstrings of millions as the pontiff blessed her with a kiss.

But it was the politically charged message about illegal immigration the girl delivered to the pope that turned many admirers into skeptics.

Almost immediately the media ran details about the girl’s age, name, residence, and of course, her plea to “save” her illegal immigrant parents from possible future deportation. Her adorable face graced post after post as the media pushed her timely message.

It didn’t take long for the media to introduce her family, and release more details:

There was even audio of the girl reading her letter:

Contrast that to the media-hyped stereotypical “intolerant and boorish Republican” who asked Donald Trump about the “Muslim problem” in America last week during a campaign stop. The media hasn’t been able to locate that guy after his loaded question caused a media stir and has been used to excoriate Trump with a coordinated and wild attack of “guilt by association.”

The one-sided media deluge over Trump’s “insufficient answer” to the Muslim question and the fact that no one has since seen the man who asked it has raised plenty of suspicion.

Fresh off of that incident, social media users are wondering if the little girl wasn’t also used as a political tool:

What say you?



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