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Kentucky clerk ready to go back to jail in gay marriage fight; ‘If I resign, I lose my voice’

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092315_davisKentucky county clerk Kim Davis has no regrets.

In a cable news exclusive on Fox News’ “The Kelly File” Wednesday, Davis continued to insist that her refusal to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples is not a statement on homosexuality, but is about her convictions as a Christian.

“It has never been a gay or lesbian issue for me,” Davis said. “It has been about upholding the word of God and how God defined marriage from the very beginning of time.”

Host Megyn Kelly asked Davis if she is now seen as a “villain” or a “heroine?”

“It depends on if you love God or not, on which side I’m on,” Davis replied.

“I guess it just depends what side of the argument you’re on as to whether you treat me good or you treat me bad,” she added. “Or if you think I’m a villain or if you think I’m just someone that God is using.”

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Davis was also asked why she didn’t just resign when the court ruled against her.

“If I resign, I lose my voice,” Davis said. “Why should I have to quit a job that I love and that I’m good at?”

And she wouldn’t have to make the choice if the Kentucky legislature had found a way to accommodate county clerks with religious objections to gay marriage.

Davis said that when she was first elected in January, she wrote every state lawmaker “begging them, beseeching them to get legislation on the floor to protect clerks like myself.”

“I got one response,” she said. “They can accommodate for all sorts of issues, and we ask for some simple accommodation and we can’t receive it.”

In the end, Davis stood by her original decision and said she would not have issued a marriage license to her own children, if they were gay. When asked if she is prepared to go back to jail, Davis replied simply, “Whatever the cost.”

The full interview can be seen in the three videos below:

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