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After latest Fox dust-up, Trump comes out firing — targeting Pope Francis, Rubio and CNN

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cnn-trumpA day after another highly publicized rumble with Fox News, Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump came out firing Thursday morning, setting his sights on a host of targets, including the network airing his barrage.

One day after declaring he’d no longer go on Fox News shows, Trump appeared on CNN’s “New Day” and took that network to task for its coverage of the attendance at an African-American Chamber of Commerce event in South Carolina.

“It was sort of interesting yesterday,” he told CNN host Alisyn Camerota. “Your reporter in South Carolina was absolutely terrible.”

“The room was full, every seat was full,” Trump explained. “When I went to the stage, everybody rushed forward … they all rushed to the front of the room. When they did that, you had half the seats in the back empty because everybody was standing in the front.”

He told Camerota to “tell [CNN President] Jeff Zucker, I think it was terrible and disgusting reporting.”

BuzzFeed reporter Rosie Gray posted a photo on social media that depicted a fair number of empty seats:


Trump pushed back — ever so gently — when asked to respond to Pope Francis’ speech before U.S. bishops on Wednesday, where the pontiff spoke favorably of immigrants coming to America.

While acknowledging that he likes the pope “very much,” Trump said the country “cannot afford this process” and has “tremendous crime problems” that he believes are contributed to by illegal immigrants.

He also commented on the pope’s call to action on climate change, saying: “I think that clean air is a pressing problem … I am not a believer in climate change.”

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In the wide-ranging interview, Trump found time to take a shot at surging GOP rival Marco Rubio, whom he described as a “kid” — Trump is 69, while Rubio’s a youthful 44 — after the Florida senator questioned his foreign policy knowledge.

“I know about Syria more than Marco Rubio knows about Syria,” the real estate tycoon declared.

But Trump wasn’t finished going after the competition.

He also took a pot shot at Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul while explaining that his use of the term “shrill” to describe Democratic presidential contender Hillary Clinton was not sexist, saying it also applied to the Republican senator.

The entire interview can be seen here:

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