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Trump or Colbert? Two big personalities enjoy a game of ‘who said that?’

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colbert-trumpRepublican presidential front-runner Donald Trump paid a visit Tuesday night to NBC’s “The Late Show,” and while host Stephen Colbert was stinging in his satire leading up to his introduction, once the candidate walked out on stage, self control appeared to get the better of the host.

To the chagrin of his fans, who were anticipating a little more spirited jousting between the two, given previous barbs directed at the real estate tycoon by Colbert — instead, they got an apology from the comedian for past indiscretions.

But Colbert did muster the courage to compare Trump to a character he played on his previous show, “The Colbert Report.”

“For years I played an over-the-top conservative character—not as long as you did, but for many years,” Colbert said.

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The comment led to a game where Trump tried to identify whether a number of quotes were his or Colbert’s.

Colbert hit Trump — ever so gently — with the “birther question,” asking if President Obama was born in the United States.

“I don’t talk about it any more,” Trump replied. “I talk about jobs, veterans treated as third-class citizens, they’re treated worse than illegals, the military building up — those things I am talking about. I’m not talking about that.”

The host thanked Trump for the comedic value his campaign offers up on a daily basis.

“I want to thank you for running for president,” Colbert said. “I’m not going to say this stuff writes itself but you certainly do deliver it on time everyday.”

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