Obama suddenly has Catholic values; White House compares him to the pope

White House press secretary Josh Earnest compared President Obama to Pope Francis, gushing that his boss and the pope have dedicated “not just their careers, but their […]

Liberal race reparations journalist author of Marvel’s newest superhero, reinvented ‘Black Panther’

Once again, the liberals over at Marvel comics are prepared to bend over backwards to prove they are a PC friendly superhero universe. Ta-Nehisi Coates is a […]

Crackerjack news staff at CNN reports bombshell: Pope’s not Jewish!

Thanks for the scoop CNN.

Larry The Cable Guy has hilarious observation about Hillary’s choice of clothing

Conservative comedian Larry The Cable Guy spotted a startling similarity between Hillary Clinton‘s wardrobe and that of another world leader. The comedian posted a picture Tuesday of […]

Black man pulled over by white cop leads to . . . RESPECT, and a viral selfie

With all the negative attention focused on police officers these days, it’s good to see people just appreciating cops for doing their jobs every day—regardless of skin […]

FBI recovers invisible emails from Hillary’s server – ‘in her view’ they aren’t there

Poor Hillary. Despite her “view” of things, she just can’t escape the controversy surrounding her emails. Another discrepancy has surfaced in Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton‘s explanation […]

Associated Press says no more calling climate change doubters ‘deniers’ and ‘skeptics’ – but why?

The Associated Press announced a change in how it advises journalists to refer to people who do not believe in man-made climate change. Rather than use the […]

Trump has perfect answer when CBS TRIES to scold him over Muslim ‘bigotry’ in ’60 Minutes’ preview

Donald Trump stood his ground and defended his answers about Muslims and President Obama, reminding Americans that the 9/11 terrorists “didn’t fly back to Sweden.” CBS News […]

Florida Five: Uber drives on in Palm Beach Co., Jeb balks at “Sunshine Summit” attendance rule

Five of today’s top Florida political stories at your fingertips: Palm Beach County holds off on new Uber rules – Palm Beach County plans to push its […]