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Judge Nap says potential fraud if kid’s clock was ‘purposeful hoax’; electronics experts weigh in

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nap-kellyThe family of 14-year-old Muslim student Ahmed Mohamed is planning to take legal action against the school for calling police after a teacher discovered a “homemade clock” that looked eerily similar to an explosive device, while questions continue to be raised about whether the incident was a “purposeful hoax.”

Amid comments from electronics experts who say it appears that Mohamed simply took apart a 1970s era alarm clock and reassembled it in a pencil box, Judge Andrew Napolitano said the family may face charges if the incident is proven to be a publicity stunt.

“If this was part of a purposeful stunt and if the parents were involved in this and if everybody from Mark Zuckerberg to President Obama fell for this, this is not good,” Napolitano said in an appearance Monday on “The Kelly File.”

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After being arrested, Mohamed was invited by Obama to bring his clock to the White House, and Zuckerberg, the founder and CEO of Facebook, invited the student to his headquarters.

As a result of the media uproar over the incident, legal and scholarship funds were set up for Mohamed, resulting in thousands of dollars being donated — which Napolitano said could bring more troubles for the family.

“If the parents were involved in the hoax, now you now have a fraud going on because money has been collected on false pretenses,” he said.

The Fox News senior judicial analyst said all the attention over the case is because the student is Muslim.

“This is people overreacting because of his last name, or his skin color, or the atmosphere of fear,”  he told host Megyn Kelly.

“We saw a clock, we assume it’s dangerous,” Napolitano added. “The kid who made the clock, or brought it in, has a Muslim ancestry. I wish race could be out of this, but all of that goes aside if this was some sort of a purposeful stunt.”

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