Ann Coulter INFURIATES another entire religion: ‘This is why our founders distrusted Catholics’

Conservative bomb-thrower Ann Coulter managed to offend another entire religion and kick up a social media twit-storm for this week’s visit of Pope Francis to the United States.

The firestorm comes fresh off of getting blasted last week for her tweet just after CNN’s Republican debate, asking, “How many f—ing Jews do these people think are in the United States?”

The conservative author and columnist attracted a flurry of Twitter responses with a series of tweets and re-tweets criticizing the pope’s emphasis on politically left-leaning causes like open-door immigration policies, critiques of capitalism and embracing the idea of climate change.

That was in response to this tweet from David Limbaugh, younger brother of Rush Limbaugh and a conservate writer in his own right.

Conservative American Catholics — and conservative non-Catholics — have been disappointed by some of the pope’s positions as they’re described in the mainstream media, but no one take kindly to a hit on their religion. (Coulter being a Presbyterian surely didn’t help.)

Coulter tried to clarify her beef wasn’t with American Catholics, but with Francis’ South American — and European — brand that conflates the church’s duties to the poor with left-wing, socialist politics.

And she had a lot of support.

As long as there are popes and politics (which is to say, forever), there’s going to be a conflict in American democracy.

And the pope isn’t all the Dems attack. In the end, everybody knows which party stands for what.

It sure wasn’t the Republicans.

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