It’s on! Fox News fires back at Trump ‘boycott’; fans take sides

The low-intensity warfare between Donald Trump and Fox News blew into the open again on Wednesday when the network disputed the billionaire’s story about why will no […]

Americans in THESE states may need passports to fly from state to state

American citizens living in certain states may now need a passport to travel by airplane domestically. Drivers’ licenses from residents of New York, New Hampshire, Minnesota and […]

Oath Keeper reveals plan to arrest Obama, Iran-deal lawmakers for treason

A militia organizer, self-described “Oath-Keeper” and former Marine is being investigated by Capitol Police for a far-fetched threat to arrest President Obama and lawmakers responsible for the […]

Video captures reluctant, scared teen suicide bomber sobbing before driving explosives into village

A video showing the final moments of a reluctant teenage suicide bomber weeping before his deadly mission has come to light and the pictures could make the […]

Trump or Colbert? Two big personalities enjoy a game of ‘who said that?’

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump paid a visit Tuesday night to NBC’s “The Late Show,” and while host Stephen Colbert was stinging in his satire leading up […]

America’s most honest politician releases hilariously truthful campaign ad

Are Americans ready for a politician this honest? A hilarious video is out spoofing a typical political commercial — with one glaring modification. The “candidate” is brutally […]

Social media brutally mocks NBC’s disgraced Brian Williams papal coverage – and it’s side-splitting

Former NBC News anchor Brian Williams returned to TV Tuesday after a six-month suspension for making misleading claims about his time covering the Iraq War, and was […]

Trump’s had it with Fox News, vows not to do any more shows on the network

Fox News coverage of the 2016 presidential election includes a fair share of contributors eager to take a shot at Republican front-runner Donald Trump, and the real […]

Coulter’s ‘immigrants – church – pedophiles’ crack draws hell of a Catholic response

Conservative author and columnist Ann Coulter has made no secret of her disdain for the pronouncements of Pope Francis on worldly matters like immigration and the environment. […]

Ann Coulter INFURIATES another entire religion: ‘This is why our founders distrusted Catholics’

Conservative bomb-thrower Ann Coulter managed to offend another entire religion and kick up a social media twit-storm for this week’s visit of Pope Francis to the United States. […]

‘Call off your f-ing dogs, Barack’: Tell-all reports Hillary blew up at Obama

Hillary Clinton doesn’t handle it well when things don’t go her way. A new tell-all book about the Democrat presidential hopeful, written by Edward Klein, is getting cautious attention, […]

Judge Nap says potential fraud if kid’s clock was ‘purposeful hoax’; electronics experts weigh in

The family of 14-year-old Muslim student Ahmed Mohamed is planning to take legal action against the school for calling police after a teacher discovered a “homemade clock” that […]