These Texas cops found a sure-fire way to get kids on their side

A Texas police department is spreading goodwill by rewarding kids who spread good cheer.

As part of a program with local McDonald’s franchisee Travis Clark, the Wichita Falls Police Department has begun handing out free ice cream tokens to kids caught doing good deeds.

Free Ice Cream
Photo credit the Times Record News.

“Mr. Clark approached us with the idea of giving officers a way to interact with the public, the children they see doing positive things,” program organizer Officer Joseph Robeson told the Times Record News. “He wants to support the community and the kids and let our officers be seen in a different light.”

Clark has donated 2,500 free ice cream tokens to the effort so far, and law enforcement is as thrilled as the kids.

“The officers like this. They hope kids can get a different impression of police,” Robeson told the News. “Building long-term relationships can begin in simple ways.”

Carmine Sabia


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