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‘Stump for Trump’ gals make tutorial showing Dems how to become Republicans!

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boardThe “Stump for Trump” ladies made their dedication to GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump official by showing Americans how easy it is to change from Democrat to Republican.

“I know you all didn’t think we were going to do it,” the ladies laughed. “But we doin’ it and we doin’ it today.”

Lynette “Diamond” Hardaway and Rochelle “Silk” Richardson have become a media sensation for their feisty videos in support of Trump. In their latest YouTube project posted on Monday, the ladies successfully change their party affiliation in time to vote for Trump in the primaries.

Hardaway explained Trump is the only “one speaking the American language.”

“The Republican party, the GOP, you all should be thanking Donald Trump,” the women say. “It’s because of him that people are going from Democrat to Republican.”

The video follows the upbeat duo to the board of elections to prove how easy it is to switch over.

Hardaway and Richardson are urging more Americans to do the same, closing the video with a quick tutorial on how to make it happen.

“We want to get this guy in office, we want to do this early, and listen, we want everybody to ‘Stump for Trump’ baby!”


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