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Stay-at-home mom gets fame by singing ‘mommy lyrics’ to ‘Hallelujah’

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ShannonWhen a stay-at-home mom in the little town of Payson, Utah, posted a video of her singing her own rendition of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” on Facebook, she couldn’t have possibly guessed the mom-friendly lyrics would resonate with so many people.

However, in just over a week, Shannon Christensen Abbott’s post had more than 2.5 million views.

“I am thrilled and humbled that this silly little song that I wrote for a silly little talent show in teeny tiny Payson, Utah, could bring so much joy to people around the WORLD!” Abbott wrote on Facebook after her video reached more than 2 million views.

Abbott’s “Mommy’s Hallelujah” is a tribute to the often unglamorous work associated with being a mother, including sleepless nights, messy kids, and changing diapers.

“It’s a dirty job, but someone’s gotta do it,” she sings in the video.

“I changed (the lyrics of ‘Hallelujah’) to fit my stay-at-home mommy life,” wrote Abbott on her Facebook page when she posted the video.

Abbott says she had to set up a separate “fan page” because the attention her video was attracting was almost too overwhelming. Requests for her version of the lyrics were so plentiful, she even decided to post them on Facebook.

“It just goes to show that no matter where you are from, or what your background is, we all feel the power of music and the love we have for our sweet children. How blessed we are!” she wrote.

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