New Trump video quick hit on Jeb: ‘Poor Little Jebbie, is Donald pickin’ on you?’

Donald Trump returned to the social media battleground Monday, releasing a video attacking Jeb Bush.

The 40-second video shows some of Bush’s more embarrassing moments during the campaign and insinuates the cause is Jeb’s marijuana smoking past.

The video includes clips of Bush saying he would have authorized the invasion into Iraq, illegal aliens come to America as an “act of love” and that he really meant the term “anchor babies” to refer to Asians.

“ARE WE SURE IT WAS ONLY FORTY YEARS AGO?” the video asks, referencing Bush’s admission he smoked marijuana that long ago.

“Jeb has been confused for forty years,” Trump tweeted, along with a link to the video on Instagram.

The video was a big hit with Trump’s Twitter faithful with one, @PDN_spring, hilariously asking “awww poor Little Jebbie, is Donald pickin on you!”

Jeb has been confused for forty years…

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