Media-savvy pro-lifers strike back at vile abortion hashtag campaign; ‘Shout this LOUDER!’

With pressure growing on Planned Parenthood since undercover videos revealed the group is selling the body parts of aborted babies, its most ardent supporters are actually encouraging women who’ve had abortions to go public about the experience.

Pro-abortion activists Lindy West, Amelia Bonow and Kimberly Morrison have started a hashtag campaign with the vile title of #ShoutYourAbortion asking women to essentially brag about abortions they have had.

“Anti-choice/pro-forced-birth activists benefit from the fact that, in our culture, abortion is something we talk about in whispers, in corners, in private with other women, or not at all,” West told MTV News.

“Without any open public discourse about the reality of abortion — the reality being that it is a basic medical procedure and a third of people with uteruses will have one — opponents are able to spin it as anything they want.”

Fortunately, the invitation to brag about murder –possibly the most vile hashtag in the short history of social media — is being met head on by abortion opponents, and a #ShoutYourAdoption hashtag campaign that stresses the sanctity of human life.

They want to shout abortion? As conservative firebrand Michelle Malkin wrote, “Shout this LOUDER.”

Carmine Sabia


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