Hillary and ‘Muslim’ aide, Huma, launch Twitter tirade against Ben Carson; backlash SWIFT and FIERCE

Longtime aide to Hillary Clinton, Huma Abedin, joined Twitter on Monday and used her first preachy post to take a swipe at Republican presidential contender Ben Carson.

Carson has taken both heavy criticism and loads of praise for proclaiming that he would not support a Muslim for president of the United States. Abedin, a Muslim, was backed by Clinton, as they tried to boast their moral superiority.

Tweeters were not about to be lectured by Abedin and Clinton, and the immediate backlash ensued. (Warning: strong language and content ahead.)

Then there’s that whole email thing:


Abedin might think twice about launching preachy posts since she’s married to former Democratic Congressman Anthony Wiener, (aka. “Carlos Danger”) who was disgraced for tweeting naked posts of himself over Twitter.

Shivers. The icky kind.

Sad. But horrifyingly true.


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