Chris Christie issues 90-day order for overweight National Guard leader to SLIM DOWN

In a move that had the sarcastic jokes flying on social media, corpulent New Jersey governor and Republican presidential contender Chris Christie has issued a public order to a New Jersey National Guard general to shape up or ship out.

Christie is giving Air Force Brig. Gen. and National Guard Commander Michael L. Cunniff 90 days to slim down and “meet his obligations,” according to the Washington Post.

The order came after the governor’s office learned from the Post that Cunniff had previously been reprimanded by the Pentagon for his unfit physique but had never informed Christie. The Post learned that Cunniff had failed to meet Pentagon physical fitness standards while preparing a report on Christie’s appointees to lead the Guard.

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“The Governor has expressed directly to the General that his failure to meet that standard or to provide notification of his formal reprimand is both unacceptable and disappointing,” Christie spokesman Kevin Roberts wrote in an e-mailed statement to the Washington Post.

Cunniff acknowledged the public scolding and issued a statement through the Guard.

“Many people struggle with weight control — I am not immune from this,” the general said. “However, I do recognize that military members and leaders, like myself, are held to a higher standard. I take this matter seriously and am taking the necessary steps to remedy this issue,” the general said.

Folks on social media also acknowledged the stern warning, and as can be expected, the jokes, mockery, and disbelief rolled in.

One guy’s got Christie’s back:

True. But that’s not going to matter here:


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