These Texas cops found a sure-fire way to get kids on their side

A Texas police department is spreading goodwill by rewarding kids who spread good cheer. As part of a program with local McDonald’s franchisee Travis Clark, the Wichita […]

Muslims erupt as school district refuses to observe holiday; ‘We will be the majority soon!’

Muslims in Jersey City, New Jersey, are incensed with a local school board for refusing to close school at the last minute to observe a Muslim holiday. […]

‘Fair and balanced my ass’: Trump tweets he’s having hard time watching Fox News, targets O’Reilly

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump unleashed a fiery tirade against Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly for “very negative” coverage of the presidential contender’s poll numbers on Monday. [email protected] […]

Jeb appeases immigration protesters and social media revolts; ‘Go run in Mexio!’

When former Florida governor and presidential contender Jeb Bush was interrupted by a gang of illegal alien advocates during a speech Monday, he managed to shut them […]

Media-savvy pro-lifers strike back at vile abortion hashtag campaign; ‘Shout this LOUDER!’

With pressure growing on Planned Parenthood since undercover videos revealed the group is selling the body parts of aborted babies, its most ardent supporters are actually encouraging […]

Chris Christie issues 90-day order for overweight National Guard leader to SLIM DOWN

In a move that had the sarcastic jokes flying on social media, corpulent New Jersey governor and Republican presidential contender Chris Christie has issued a public order […]

Whoopi on Planned Parenthood: ‘Get out of my vagina!’

“The View’s” Whoopi Goldberg is so married to the idea of legal abortion, she’s divorced from reality. On Monday’s episode of the ABC talk show, Goldberg was […]

James Woods photo-slams Hillary: ‘You couldn’t stage a better visual metaphor if you tried’

Conservative actor James Woods gave the stumbling campaign of Hillary Clinton a push into oblivion with a social media photo slam that captures the situation perfectly. You […]

Stay-at-home mom gets fame by singing ‘mommy lyrics’ to ‘Hallelujah’

When a stay-at-home mom in the little town of Payson, Utah, posted a video of her singing her own rendition of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” on Facebook, she […]

‘Stump for Trump’ gals make tutorial showing Dems how to become Republicans!

The “Stump for Trump” ladies made their dedication to GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump official by showing Americans how easy it is to change from Democrat to […]

Stupid Fla. criminal brings loaded gun, stolen car to meet probation officer

A 38-year-old Florida man brought the term “stupid criminal” to a whole new level by bringing a loaded gun with him to meet his probation officer. What’s […]

Here’s how Ted Cruz handles Stephen Colbert

Sen. Ted Cruz appeared on “The Late Show” with host Stephen Colbert challenging him on the senator’s professed similarities to former President Ronald Reagan and his opposition to gay […]