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Trump calls Emmy jokes a compliment; mockery from Hollywood elite is ‘a badge of honor’

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d-j-trumpRepublican presidential front-runner Donald Trump on Monday said he got a huge kick out of the jokes flying at Sunday night’s Emmys — even if they were supposed to be at his expense.

Ridicule from the Hollywood elite is a “badge of honor.”

“I was watching, actually, I saw it,” Trump said in a telephone interview on “Fox & Friends.”

“It’s a badge of  courage. A badge of honor.”

Then he gave a small glimpse at what it must be like to live on the national stage.

“It’s sort of amazing when you think about it it,” he said. “You’re watching television, watching the Emmys, and your name is mentioned …”

Some other names weren’t.

“I didn’t notice any Hillary jokes,” co-host Steve Doocy said.

Not from that crowd you didn’t.

In other parts of the wide-ranging interview, Trump said he stands by his much-criticized decision not to come to the president’s defense when he was attacked by a Trump supporter at a campaign rally last week, and also gave a less-than-flattering assessment of one of his competitors for the top spot — Carly Fiorina.

He said she gives him a headache

“She’s got a good line of pitter-patter but when you listen for more than five minutes, you develop a tremendous headache,” he said of the former Hewlett-Packard CEO who surged in the polls since the CNN debate Wednesday.

“I don’t see [her rise in the polls] as something that’s going to last, because her [business] performance has been terrible,” he added.

After playing a clip of Dr. Ben Carson’s remarks to NBC News’ Chuck Todd that he couldn’t support a Muslim president, Trump said, “That’s his opinion, and we’re supposed to be — you talk about freedom of speech — he feels very strongly about it.”

That led into the conversation about the Emmys.

The interview is about 8 minutes long. The Emmys segment begins just after the 6-minute mark.



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