‘Truly creepy’: Cackling Hillary claims she’s a ‘real person’ — and social media has a field day!

In what was surely a product of her campaign’s new, carefully planned display of humor and spontaneity, Democratic presidential contender Hillary Clinton declared Sunday that she is indeed a “real person.”

During an appearance Sunday on CBS’ “Face the Nation,” Clinton was asked to describe herself in three words. While she struggled with the word count, the candidate offered an epic response — complete with the trademark Hillary cackle.

“Just three? I can’t possibly do that!” Clinton said, cackling all the while. “I mean, look, I am a real person with all the pluses and minuses that go along with being that.”

Needless to say, social media had a field day mocking Clinton’s hilarious response. As one user stated, if you have to explain that you’re a real person, you’re already losing.

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And the cackle didn’t help. As another social media user put it: “This is truly creepy and frightening.”

Here’s a sampling of the mockery from Twitter:


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