Emmys green ribbons leave viewers, media watchers baffled: What WERE they for?


Hollywood should give itself an Emmy for best mystery.  Those green ribbons worn by multiple stars had many watchers baffled, and even fooled media insiders.

In its awards coverage, Entertainment Weekly initially wrote that the ribbons were to promote mental health awareness, but later had to correct the record.

“The ribbons, which include the phrase ‘DemandClimateAction,’ are meant to support the EPA and President Barack Obama’s plan to take on climate change,” the publication wrote, getting it right on the second try.


Mental health was last year’s cause—this year, climate change is the new green.

Twitter users couldn’t figure it out either, but not for lack of trying.

Apparently, the entire Internet was in the dark on this one.

And what was commenter “jay_blink_420” smoking?


Can’t wait to see what cause will captivate TV land for next year.

Steve Berman

Steve is a serial entrepreneur who has been starting and running businesses for 25 years. Writing about conservative causes is his passion.
Steve Berman


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