Cancer-stricken kids kicked out of park near WH for security, but ‘Clock Boy’ gets invite?

Only days after President Obama invited Ahmed “Clock Boy” Mohamed to the White House to exhibit his bogus “invented” digital clock, the U.S. Secret Service was kicking hundreds of cancer-stricken children and their parents out of a nearby park, citing “security precautions.”

The parents and children gathered at Lafayette Park Saturday night for a scheduled candlelight vigil to call attention to childhood cancer and push for increased funding for cancer research, according to The Washington Post.

The vigil was part of a two-day event called CureFest for Childhood Cancer.

The Post tweeted:

Folks on Twitter couldn’t help but notice the horrible optics of kicking cancer-stricken kids out of a public park. Here are a few examples:

Twitter users also noted the irony of the situation, given the president’s personal invitation to the Muslim “Clock Boy” who raised a security alarm of his own. The heap of circuits and wires — which many are now saying was actually a taken-apart clock, not the boy’s invention — looked enough like a homemade bomb to trigger a real security question at his school.


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