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Trump slaps down CNN’s Tapper on Islam: 9/11 didn’t come from Sweden, Jake

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trump-cnnRepublican front-runner Donald Trump is getting a taste of what the tea party has dealt with for six years running after a supporter criticized President Obama late last week, but it hasn’t stopped the real estate tycoon from standing his ground amid the media onslaught.

And pointing out that it’s not the Swedes looking to blow things up in America.

In an appearance Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Trump put into perspective the comments by a participant at a New Hampshire campaign rally who called Obama a Muslim and asked about getting rid of Muslim training camps in America.

An exchange that resulted in a concentrated media assault against Trump like the one marshalled against the tea party, when the liberal media took on the task of destroying the movement’s brand.

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Host Jake Tapper ripped into the Trump supporter and challenged the candidate for not denouncing him.

“This is raw, unvarnished, ignorant bigotry,” Tapper said. “You are a leader, you are the front-runner in the Republican race. Do you not have a responsibility to call out the hatred?”

Staying true to his nature, Trump noted the political correctness at play regarding the incident.

“We could be politically correct, if you want, but certainly – are you trying to say we don’t have a problem?” he asked.

“I think everybody would agree,” Trump continued. “I have friends that are Muslims; they’re great people, amazing people, and most Muslims — like most everything – these are fabulous people. But we certainly do have a problem. I mean, you have a problem throughout the world.”

He then pointed out the obvious … at least to those who aren’t drinking the liberal Kool-Aid.

“You have radicals that are doing things,” Trump said. “It wasn’t people from Sweden that blew up the World Trade Center, Jake.”

Tom Tillison


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