Ted Cruz worries more about Obama’s WAR on faith than whatever Obama’s faith is

cruz-tedRepublican presidential candidate and Sen. Ted Cruz had a rock-solid response when questioned Saturday about President Barack Obama’s religious.

“The president’s faith is between him and God,” Cruz told reporters in Des Moines, Iowa, The Huffington Post reported.

After the furor created Thursday when a man at a New Hampshire political gathering described Obama as a Muslim to GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump, other presidential candidates — especially Republicans — have been asked this question.

Cruz might have been willing to leave Obama’s faith between the president and the Creator, but he did have something to say about the president’s policies — particularly when it comes to interfering with everyone else’s relationship with their Creator.

“His policies and this administration’s animosity to religious liberty and, in fact, antagonism to Christians, has been one of the most troubling aspects of the Obama administration,” he said. “We have seen a war on faith.”

Watch the clip, via the Huffington Post.



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