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Bob Beckel back on the air, with nice things to say about Donald Trump!

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Bob BeckelFormer Fox News personality Bob Beckel is back in the public eye, and defending Donald Trump’s handling of the Muslim question controversy.

Beckel has been gone from TV, save for some recent appearances on CNN, since Fox News let him go as a co-host of its hit show “The Five” after he had been out for an extended period for drug rehab.

But on Saturday, Beckel re-emerged on CNN’s “Smerconish” and defended Trump against mainstream media criticism for his reaction when a member of the crowd at a rally Thursday lclaimed President Obama is a secret Muslim who’s not even an American citizen.

Beckel contended that Trump did the “politically expedient” thing by sidestepping the question because he has to be concerned with winning week to week right now.

It’s not the first time Beckel — the in-house grumpy liberal against conservative co-hosts on “The Five” — has defended Trump on CNN either.

Back on Aug. 28, Beckel told Don Lemon correctly that Trump was not a passing fad and would “be around a while.” In an interview with Lemon on Friday, he said the billionaire had been “understimated” since he entered the race.

And while host Michael Smerconish continued to insist Saturday that Trump couldn’t get the Republican nomination the way he currently speaks, Beckel said that at this stage of the game, that isn’t the point.

“It’s not about nomination politics,” he said. “Right now, it’s about getting to the next week.”

Watch the clip below.

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