Trump says he will serve without pay if elected; Obama wants a BIG paycheck for Michelle

trump-payRepublican presidential front-runner Donald Trump made it a little harder for his primary opponents to top him: he promised to serve without pay if elected.

Appearing at a campaign rally in Rochester, New Hampshire, on Thursday, the real estate tycoon — worth an estimated $4 billion, according to Forbes — said he’d work for free as president of the United States.

“The first thing I’m gonna do is tell you that if I’m elected president, I’m accepting no salary. OK?” he told the crowd. “That’s no big deal for me.”

Trump was asked by a member of the audience whether he would roll back generous pension and healthcare benefits allotted to members of Congress.

“We’ll work on that,” he replied.

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President Barack Obama continues to accept the $400,000 annual salary that presidents receive, even though he has become a multi-millionaire since first being elected to office. Much of his new-found wealth comes from sales of his books, “The Audacity of Hope” and “Dreams of My Father.”

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Obama is worth an estimated $12.2 million — a 438 percent increase from when he first ran for office.

Not only does Obama still collect his salary, he also thinks first lady Michelle Obama should receive a paycheck.

A BIG paycheck.

“Now, Michelle would point out, first ladies get paid nothing, so there’s clearly not equal pay at the White House when it comes to her and me,” the president said in April at a town hall meeting in South Carolina. “I want a big paycheck for Michelle.”

Again, which party is looking out for the 99 percent?

Tom Tillison


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